Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kirk, the history teacher at Nick's school, is an old high school friend of mine. I hadn't seen him in years but he stumbled across this blog and saw Nick in it.

Nick: Here's how I know that he knows you... he said that it was weird because he hasn't seen you in so long, and last night he pretty much was able to catch up on the last year of your life in an hour. "But that's Arnie!" he said. So you were always known for the quick and pithy life synopsis, huh?

I grabbed a beer with Nick and Kirk at the Holiday Club. Kirk and I talked about the fact that we've heard a handful of people we went to high school with are living in Chicago, but, besides Tom, neither of us are in contact with any of them.

Kirk: Some of my grad school friends are even starting to drift away now.

Shout out to HC
Hi Kirk! (In case you're reading.) Haven't seen you in ages!
An hour? I'm working on day 2, here. Unfortunately for my productivity, I can't tear myself away.
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