Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This day, June 21st, has been a significant date for me for several years but it wasn't until recently that I realized that it's also the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

I guess I could have tried to spend the day doing something deep or symbolic, but things are busy at work, and that would have been kind of silly anyway. I did have about an hour around dusk, though, between work and heading out for an improv meeting to go out and walk around the neighborhood with my camera, hoping something poignant would happen to me.

And nothing did. But it was nice. I nodded to people walking their dogs. I saw rabbits run back and forth across yards. I watched at least seven planes move slowly through the sky and thought about how nice it can feel to come home.

I tried to take pictures of what I could, but rabbits are fast, planes are far away, and some moments aren't easily captured or translated.

Occasionally, if it didn't seem like anyone was looking, I would hold my arm out as far as I could and take a couple candid photos of myself. Those came out pretty alright.

a year following the breakup,

What a year.

Best Wishes, Arnie (or break a leg?) I'm sure that your life will be filled with good things.

- Jill
Gosh, I feel like you're moving away or something. Or that we're graduating from High School.

You seem to be doing so well these days. I like this Arnie and I'm happy to have him in Chicago. I'll take this moment to say I'm happy to have you back in Chicago this past year. Thanks for the entertainment - on and off the computer screen.

And see ya around! I feel sorry for your readers who aren't lucky enough to know you and to be able to say that.

but THIS will always be here right? I mean I know it's over, but we can still re-read, right? I love it here. *sniff*
Arnie, I just registered "

It's yours.

I see you chose to go with the cliff-hanger :(

I came to your blog by accident back in October and have been enjoying it ever since. Thanks so much for sharing!

Mazel tov!
I've enjoyed every moment of your blog. Sometimes hilarious and always "poignant" (as you like to say). I hope to make it to Cheddar's one day.
Well done, my friend.

Now, how about buying me a beer?
I'm going to miss checking your blog everyday. It always gave me something to look forward to reading first thing when I got to work in the morning. Thanks for the words and visuals; it was definitely appreciated! :)
this blog has been a treat to read! you are an amazing writer, and i hope you come back to the blogging world sometime soon.
saaaad. This thing really helped me get through my own break-up, as cheesy as it sounds. I guess now I have to find a new blog addiction.
I had a similar breakup timeline, but we ended a few months later, and I don't *think* he had a ring. I'm so glad I found this site-- it has helped me in my own recovery.

Good luck to you, and thanks.


P.S. You probably hear it often, but you are a talented writer. I have enjoyed your words.
Thanks Arnie. Goodbye blog.
Hi. I just started working at the Jellyvision. I found your blog. Interesting that I, apparently, found it on the last day of it's existence. I'll probably read it in reverse.
Oh shoot, I wish you weren't stopping. :( I've been following you for the entire year, since you first submitted it to a weblog directory last year. Yours is one of the few I look forward to checking every day.
word -

and well done.
Nicely done Arnie. You are an artist in every sense of the word. Kudos to you in all you do.
I can't even write something that appropriately expresses how I feel about the whole of this blog, so I'm just going to fall short and say hooray for the blog! Horray for you! Pez!
thanks for giving
i know i'm better
because i know you.
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A sharp and insightful look into the mind of the most creative person I've known. I shall sincerely miss reading it. Hope all is well for you and I look forward to seeing whatever movie/tv show you eventually become famous for writing.
Nicely done, Arnold. Our discussion after the big bowling extravaganza is what inspired me to give the whole blog thing another go. I thank you for that. Looking forward to your future chronicles, in what ever form they may take.
Happy New Year.
thanks, arnie.
really great stuff. of course the words were wonderful but the photos were amazing too. wonderful potraits and candid slices of life. great work.

I don't know what your aspirations are for yourself creatively. I don't know how you view yourself or what you've done in this blog.

But I consider you to be one of the most naturally, gifted poets that I have had the pleasure of knowing.
Your picture compositions are effortlessly concise. (Honestly, I would buy several of them and frame them in my home.)
The neat, short text entries that accompany them, either make me laugh or make me think. They never fail to connect with me, emotionally.
Each entry really is the perfect blend of text and visual. You're an exceptionally talented artist.

It's a life. Or a to be more specific, a year of a life. Of one human being, no greater or lesser than any other.
And yet it's fascinating. A tangible reminder that a human life is, without embellishment, worthy of celebration. It is a very humane thing that you've done here.

Thank you for undertaking this project. Thank you for your consistency. Thank you for graciously giving so much of yourself to us.

You've got a fan.
Chris O. Biddle
I will miss reading this blog. I often thought of your life as an alternate to mine. It was a fascinating experience that I am sad to see go. i hope someday I can find your next blog, whenever you take that task up again. But I really hope its not about another breakup, Somthing along the lines of..."a year in pictures following the engagement...or a year in life following my marraige...or even a year in the life of poopy diapers... if you wish to take any of those routes.
Thanks for sharing it with us, Arnie.
Really nice work. Thank you.
Enjoy your time off, Arnie. I was happy to find an old schoolmate and have enjoyed "keeping in touch" through reading your entries. Perhaps I'll see you sometime if we happen to be back in Hometown Ohio on the same weekend.
nice work, arnie, this was very very well done and a joy to read. see you in real life soon, I hope.
good work over this year.

i read the blog pretty consistently and it never failed to hold my attention... if i missed four or five days, i was really happy to see those four or five days had been captured and i could catch up

there were a number of gem moments

Great blog. Enjoyed it very much. Gonna miss getting updates of photos of Young.

Hope improv, writing, and love and life are great for you this next year.

Michael Szeles
i love you, blog. i love you too, arno.

young, call me when your hair grows out you crabbass.
Thanks for the journey. What an incredible read straight through.
I have loved reading this. I have loved watching this. I have loved everything you chose to share and every moment of discovery. Thank you.

To a year without breakups.

I had never read any blogs prior to getting turned on to yours, and now everything else will pale in comparison. I've really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Man, this darn thing went by real fast. I never thought it would actually end.

I realized that I never posted at the end of this, I came back to it after about six months and saw that it did in fact end when you said it would. I just wanted to say (if you're still checking this at all) that I enjoyed the blog, and it also helped me get through my break up as well. It's nice to know that there are people out there going through something similar. Good luck in life man, I bet you never thought this thing would take off the way it did.
wow not much left to say bu thank you. i think mr. b summed it up pretty good. masterful, really shows the potential of the medium. Reminds me of what you said about tv, most of its crap but every once in a while... thanks.
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