Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Sarah: One year. That's the plan.

I'm here in Boston for a week, helping Sarah settle into her new apartment, before I fly back home to Chicago. Today we stopped by the theater where she'll be performing and both snapped some pictures. Preparing for the move, Sarah bought a digital camera and started a photoblog of her own.

Sarah: I was really excited about my first entry, a picture of my suitcase in my empty old apartment. But then I realized, ahhhh, your blog started with a suitcase. It's the same thing.

Me: It's not the same thing.

I keep catching Sarah slyly trying to take pictures of me and I think, "I hope I don't look fat on her blog." It seems fair, though.

Sarah was (is) the girl.

So, ah, what's the blog?
Aww babe, that's really cute.

Wait a minute! I look fat in that picture!

Thank you for letting me out of the closet.



does this mean 'a year of long distance'?
According to my atlas Boston in 986 miles from Chicago.
Your blog is great. I've been on a blog kick today and read through yours and ladym's.
Congrats on the successful "completion" of the blog. Rance is right, it is great.

Best of luck as a continuing featured player in the Chicago-to-Boston blog.
I stopped by too late. Your Saint charm was Padre Pio--I'd recognise that face anywhere--he is VERY big with some of my friends in Ireland and there is a Marian shrine for him somewhere in PA.

I really enjoyed the bits that I read of your blog--I mostly cruised thru looking at the pics.
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