Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's Talk About Something Else For A While

Hello there. I've started another photoblog. Sure, sequels usually suck, but... at the very least, people will be able to keep track of Young's hair.

Yay! I was missing your daily photos and commentary.
w00t! glad i still checked the breakup one every day!
A friend sent me your blog to cheer me up after the IT guy lobotomized my old computer, including three and a half years of emails and favorites.

I finished reading (and heartily enjoying) the entire thing about half an hour ago. As I read the final entry, the phone rang. On the caller ID, there blinked a single word.

hey, as i'm sure you've heard from other anonymous readers, your blog really helped me today. i think i might copy you, even -- this is the highest form of flattery. the ultimate embarrassing moment happened at work today, i cried in front of two coworkers. i hope they still talk to me.

i like what you said about a break-up just happening naturally and not trying to do the thing you think you can do to stop it.
Ill check out your working blog next
I really like this blog. Check out my blog:
I'll save your new blogs...
I just took a peek through your photo blog here..interesting.
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